torsdag 11 oktober 2018

Workshop on Nordic Sustainable Healthcare in collaboration with NCSH

With funding from Nordic Innovation, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare, NCSH is writing a Nordic White paper on sustainable healthcare. During the project they will give an introduction to sustainability within Nordic healthcare, put it in a global context as well as point to areas of certain interest and future innovation areas. To gather information and best practice examples NCSH had invited hospitals, suppliers and other stakeholders to workshops in all Nordic countries. In Stockholm, Sweden this was done in collaboration with Swecare. The day was started with an introduction to the project by Linnea Turnstedt and Daniel Eriksson from NCSH and a short presentation from Swecare on the global demand on Nordic solutions in this sector.

After which
Arvid Løken from Nordic Innovation presented their Welfare Solutions program, and how Nordic companies can benefit from participating. After which we listened to company pitches from sustainable companies from Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

To get the perspective of the procurers on the role and need of sustainability Gustav Eriksson, Head of Environmental Departement at Karolinska University Hospital and Charlotta Brask, Head at Sustainability at Stockholm County Council, and Linn Josefsson, Upphandlingsmyndigheten presented some mindboggling stats and the take-home message that right now facilities energy consumption is optimized but on the utilities and medical devices the potential energy savings are enormous. The need is there, the solutions available, so lets close the chasm for a better future! 

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