fredag 27 april 2018

Huge interrest in Swedish life science and ehealth solutions when Mexican delegation met Swecare

It was with great pleasure we welcomed the delegation headed by the secretary of economic development of Hidalgo, José Luis Romo Cruz. Previously Head of the Planning Unit of the Mexican Social Security Institute at the national level, IMSS and General Director of Planning of the National Commission of Social Protection in Health (Popular Insurance).

During the meeting Dr. Jokilaakso presented the Swedish healthcare system that shares lots of similarities with its Mexican counterpart.

Further the delegation discussed the life science sector and what Swedish companies can contribute with since the coverage of the health insurance is rapidly expanding in Mexico. Topics discussed where how e-prescription, EHR and other crucial infrastructure can be provided with high interoperability and cybersecurity and what the IOT revolution means for a country like Mexico that is a major manufacturer of medical devices.

Also, investment opportunities in Hidalgo for medtech and pharma companies was lifted as an interesting option for Swedish companies interested in selling in the Latin American and US market.

Bienvenido a Hidalgo en México con nosotros

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