tisdag 26 juni 2018

Massive interest in Australian Digital Health Scene

It was a jolly crowd of 50+ leaders from private- and public sector and researchers that gathered at the residence to kick-off the summer with a digital health reception co-hosted by the Australian Ambassador, Swecare and Medtech4Health.

H.E. Ambassador Jonathan Kenna had the opening speech for the reception where the aim was to hear about Australia’s most recent initiatives in digital health and how Swedish industry and research organizations can become involved. 

Simon Gunn from @Austrade presented new improvements in the Australian digital health market and informed that now when the country in 3 months goes from 5 million in #EHR to full population coverage, there are lots of knowledge sharing possible. The #MyHealthAct will have huge implications
for: Interoperability instead of centralization, Cyber security & Data for clinical research

Prof. Michael Nilsson CEO of Hunter Medical Research Institute presented the status on e-health in Australia, which combined with the report by Swedish Embassy told a clear story; Swedish solutions are much needed. However, as prof. Dean Carson nicely pointed out “in rural Sweden you have this thing called the internet”, while in Australia they have long experience of research on rural care.

The final panel moderated by Prof. Carl-Johan Sundberg was a refreshing breeze in the warm room, and lifted important areas of improvement for respective country but also the potential win-win of closer collaboration between the countries, while distant in geography so close in mentality.

So let’s break the walls, stop creating new silos, so intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs meet for creative work. There is a sense of urgency & crisis BUT the upside if we find a hybrid of Anglo Saxon risk willingness & Nordic processing is huge!

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