tisdag 2 oktober 2018

Bridgehead made to US. East Coast

Celebrating 200 years of diplomatic relations between USA and Sweden, Swecare Foundation and Swedish Medtech signed a multilateral MoU with Maryland Department of Commerce as part of the CB Health Access Program.
Deputy Secretary, Benjamin Wu welcomes both Swedish and the central-baltic companies to Maryland, and offer supporting them as part of the joint agreement and with the and 2019 is just around the corner making the connection is a great way of preparing yourself and your company.

While on the business mission our colleague had several fruitful meetings in Philadelphia and Baltimore identifying key organisations and people (such as Bruce Ellsworth ) for entering into the US market and attending as supporting partner together with   where former PM Tony Blair reminded that Healthcare reforms are the hardest thing you can do in politics because vested interests are also important in public sector and inertia. So there is plenty of work left to do but some first strides have been made for our mutual aim to improve healthcare.

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