fredag 28 februari 2020

A week of high- level visits

Sweden was host for the third Global Ministerial Road Safety Conference last week that gathered a lot of interesting high-level officials from all over the world. Swecare got the opportunity to meet and arrange meetings with visitors from Nigeria, Qatar, India and Kazakhstan aside from the conference.

We hosted a meeting with Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin J. Al-Thani who has been the Director of Public Health at the Supreme Council of Health in Qatar since 2008. He presented their National Health Strategy 2018-2022 and more in depth the Public Health Strategy 2017- 2022It was a popular event and all seats were taken. We managed to make sure the participants got a one-to-one conversation with him about each specific area of interest from; Mentice, Karolinska Institute, Elekta, Bactiguard, Global Pharma Consulting, Xinix, Stockholm Care and Calmark.

On Thursday we had a round table meeting hosted by state secretary Maja Fjaestad that welcomed a Nigerian delegation headed by Mr. B Mustapha, Secretary to the Government, and included Dr. E Osagie Ehanire, Minister for Health and Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, Minister for Transportation. Even though our countries in size and population are very different we still have common challenges such as access to health care in rural areas. With us on the Swedish side we had; Byon8, Hack for Sweden, Bactiguard, Grace Health, Elekta, Sweco and Pansanté.

Finally, with quite short notice, state secretary Maja Fjaestad received the vice minister for Health from Kazakhstan, Mr. Kamalzhan Nadyrov. Swecare participated in the meeting to represent the Swedish companies. Mr. Nadyrov expressed great interest in Swedish Healthcare and Swedish solutions. Kazakhstan is planning substantial reforms of the Healthcare system. Many existing hospitals and medical facilities are being upgraded and 23 new multifunctional hospitals are to be built by 2025. Areas of special interest that were mentioned were development of primary care, prevention, digitalization, medical records, cancer managementand infection prevention and antibiotic resistance.

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