tisdag 23 januari 2018

Central Baltic Health Access - Dissemination Seminars

Central Baltic Health Access is an EU-funded program that aims to help health care companies access distant markets. The program started 2.5 years ago, and has helped more than 50 companies in the partner countries reach markets in India, South Korea, Uganda and the US. 

Swedish companies presenting at InnoHealth in New Delhi, September 2017

The dissemination seminars are part of the finalizing activities, and last week we met with companies who have entered India and Uganda through the program, as well as companies and organizations interested in learning from their experiences. The idea of sharing expericence and lessons learned proved to be just the right thing:

After having completed my post-graduate studies, I realized that I had, in fact, learned more from my classmates than from my coursework. This is similar to my experience when participating in, and sometimes even leading, Swecare seminars. When considering markets like South Korea, Uganda, India, and the US, the companies need us mostly as a platform to connect with each other and to potential local partners. This might seem trivial at the outset, but if you look for opportunities to meet possible competitors or like-minded companies interested in similar markets at a neutral setting, hosted by an organization without its own agenda - you may come up empty-handed. And this has really been the strength of the Central Baltic Health Access program from the outset.

The dissemination seminars are meant for the companies who participated in the trips, but Swedish Medtech and Swecare decided to extend the invitation to all the companies in our networks which may be interested in the chosen markets. The participating companies thus got the chance to share their experiences and also meet new potential allies in their efforts to enter a new market. It also gave us the chance to discuss concrete activities to ensure that the momentum of our relationships, with each other, the target market coaches, and local partners, could result in concrete deals.

Follow-up trips to all four countries are already being planned so make sure not to miss out! So far Swecare has plans for delegation trips to Bangalore, India (February 14-16) and Uganda and Rwanda (March 19-23). Contact us for more details.

CBHA Uganda Business Mission visiting International Hospital Kampala, August 2017

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