tisdag 13 mars 2018

Swecare - coordinating Nordic collaboration in export supporting activities

It was a merry, tightly knit team that joined the Nordic workshop hosted by PromoteIceland in a sunny Reykjavik with the goal to summarize the results for the feasibility study on a joint Nordic Event financed by Nordic Innovation as a part of the Nordic welfare solutions program. The aim of the project is to increase Nordic collaboration in export supporting activities.

The project team had at the earlier workshop in Copenhagen agreed on a model for identifying Nordic Added Value as,

” There is Political Will and Critical Mass for side activities to maximize the value for an Event targeting a Large or Growing Existing market for Nordic companies and a market where the Nordic Brand is strong.”

and based on this decided to present a prioritized list of events in USA, Canada and Germany. In close-collaboration with the Branding and Storytelling project coordinated by Healthcare Denmark, the team also focused on the Smart Digital Solutions (SDS) and Welfare Technology (WT) strongholds, and companies in this segment. So besides looking into the feasibility of a joint Nordic Event the team also created a recommended model for company activities before, during and after the joint Nordic Event. Of course built on the concept of Lego-blocks!

The next step is presenting results to the Nordic Innovation taskforce meeting in Helsinki, where we will also meet to practically to co-create the joint Nordic Event. Our host then will be our partners and the creators of the Upgraded Life Festival, don´t miss out to connect if in Helsinki on 31st May.

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