söndag 6 maj 2018

Great foundation for knowledge exchange between Sweden and Germany

After the visit to the Ministry of Employment we hosted the delegation of socialdemocratic members of the landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the state diet of this German federal state. The delegation was headed by Thomas Krüger, and assisted by the embassy of Germany in Stockholm.

Henrik Moberg from the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs gave the delegation an overview of the Swedish healthcare system and government initiatives such as Vision2025.

After which Dr. Jokilaakso presented how Swecare works with internationalization efforts and partnerships, including some recent data on identified strongholds where eHealth-solutions are high-lighted as such. Thus, both Nordic and Swedish initiatives such as eHealth-by-Sweden was shown to the delegates. These discussions including e-prescriptions, HER, and virtual doctors-visits fit really well with the scope of the bilateral innovation partnership that was signed by PM Stefan Löfven and Chancellor Angela Merkel. It was obvious to all attending that while our healthcare systems are very different there is increased urgency to learn from each other since we have complementary strengths needed for a sustainable healthcare system. This is an excellent basis for deepened talks and further collaboration.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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