onsdag 13 juni 2018

The more, the merrier – when Swecare and Department for International Trade held Life Science Seminar

The former cinematheque at the British Embassy quickly filled up for the breakfast seminar to hear Department for International Trade’s Life Science Specialist, Ravi Chana give an overview of and interactive session on the British Life Science and healthcare ecosystem. Heavy emphasis was put on the NHS, NICE and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) with participants sharing company experiences with a nuanced but positive experience of these institutions. 

Practical recommendations on how to use support mechanisms available to Swedish companies to access the most appropriate part of the UK health care system were lifted after the B-word was elegantly and swiftly cleared off. As the discussions intensified, the (false) fire alarm went off and good discussion resumed I wonder if other Swedes secretly wished that we had a government with an industrial plan where Life Sciences was prioritized, a Life Science Strategy in print, and SME companies valued as important stakeholders in setting the goals. 

Well, not to spoil any utopian daydreaming the UK don´t have a Minister for Life Science anymore but hell it´s good to have these Anglo Nordic meetings to learn from each other and keep business ties strong when we head to an uncharted future.

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