tisdag 21 maj 2019

Successful Networking Event Kindle Strong Connections

Last week, it was finally time for this year’s most exclusive event for our members, the annual CEO reception hosted by the Ministry of Health & Social Affairs.

On Wednesday afternoon, 70 VIP´s gathered to mingle and get an exclusive moment with the Minister for Social Affairs, Ms. Lena Hallengren and her State Secretary, Ms. Maja Fjaestad along with CEOs within our broad member network.

This year the event was not held at Rosenbad (as it’s under renovation) but in the newly refurbished building on Herculesgatan 17, right next to the prestigious building "Adelcrantzska Palatset". The guest area was bright and airy with a beautiful view of the palace. The CEO networking event gives a unique opportunity for our member companies to meet and talk about promotion efforts and exports.

The reception started with a short welcome note by Mr. Niclas Jacobson, Deputy Director General, Division for EU and International Affairs at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, where he expressed the Ministry's appreciation for the valuable cooperation between the public and private sectors and Swecare's role to facilitate this.

The event culminated with inspiring presentations from our Minister for Health and Social Affairs, Ms. Lena Hallengren and her State Secretary, Ms. Maja Fjaestad. Both held engaging speeches about their desire to support and promote efforts to bring Swedish innovations to the rest of the world.

Minister Hallengren mentioned that she enjoyed the Triple Helix approach of the ministerial delegation of +30 delegates to India in February that Swecare organized with the Ministry, the Embassy and Business Sweden. Ms. Hallengren said she gained a better understanding of the needs of our member companies when entering a market and finished by saying that she looks forward to contributing even more on her next trip with the member companies of Swecare, planned to go to Ethiopia.

Ms. Fjaestad referred to the importance of technological development; from the printing press to the internet; technological innovations like the mobile phone that have given us new methods of sharing messages with each other, from the traditional pen and paper to a computer in our pocket. Many of our member companies are investing in such technology, e.g. digital health platforms, and other solutions that are becoming an integrated part of healthcare and indeed of our lives. These have the potential to increase efficiency in healthcare provision while also increasing the quality. Thus, political support for the development and dissemination of such solutions is important.

Before opening the floor for more networking, we had the pleasure to listen to two of our member companies, Surgical Science and EMPE Diagnostics. Mr. Gisli Hennermark talked about the importance of simulation tools within healthcare. Their mission is to give surgeons an excellent platform to train the fundamental technical skills of keyhole surgery before entering the operation room. For 20 years, Surgical Science has provided state-of-the-art medical training simulators that focus on ease of use and validation, so that surgeons can learn the practical techniques of instrument handling in a realistic but safe environment. This way, they can pay 100% attention to the patient once they begin their practice. 

Mr. Pavan Asalapuram talked about the benefits for a start-up of being part of a network like Swecare. EMPE Diagnostics joined Swecare in 2017 and has rapidly grown from a one-man company to a work force of 10 employees! EMPE Diagnostics has developed a patented solution for rapid diagnosis and resistance determination of tuberculosis, even for clinics with limited resources. The product has been validated on clinical samples and is expected to be market ready by the end of this year.

The event continued for an hour with intensive mingling and fruitful connections were made between both new and old contacts. Our chairman, Vivianne Macdisi thanked everyone and expressed our gratitude to the Ministry of Health & Social Affairs for organizing this special event each year for our members, and last but not least sent a big thank you to our members for enabling us to create such warm receptions. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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