måndag 14 oktober 2019

The Future of E-health in Belgium - part II

This week we had the opportunity to hold a seminar together with the Embassy of Belgium and the Wallonia Export Investment Agency who had the pleasure of inviting Swecare member companies within Health Tech for an executive eHealth seminar and possible B2B meeting with OZ Consulting, specializing in eHealth strategies and opportunities in Belgium/Wallonia.

The aim of the seminar was to enlighten the eHealth strategies at work in Sweden and the innovations within the digitalization of healthcare services and possible partnership opportunities within the Belgian healthcare system.

The interest for these kind of seminars is quite popular among our members. Not only for networking but also for building credibility about different healthcare systems. It was nice to see Zenicor Medical Systems, WeCare AB, Predicare, Doctrin, and AsthmaTuner / Karolinska Institutet.

The Belgian side opened the seminar with Cynthia Slomian, OZ Consulting. She presented the eHealth strategies and opportunities in Belgium/Wallonia and their report project where they want to highlight Swedish disruptive companies.

This report project aims at showcasing companies and policies abroad in the realm of EHealth innovationThe report will be presented at the yearly gathering of “Digital Patient”, a network of French, Belgian and Luxemburg hospitals end October 2019. This symposium could also be an opportunity for exposure for Swedish companies.  >> Download report

Cynthia explained more about the national project “eHealth Hubs & MetaHub” coordinated by the eHealth platform. The platform is meant to make medical results from hospitals (and in the near future medical laboratories) available to any caregiver who currently is treating the patient. For detailed information see https://www.ehealth.fgov.be/fr/esante/professionnels-de-la-sante/hubs-metahub/presentation-generale.

Cynthia also spoke about the initiative of the Federal Belgian Government mHealthBELGIUM, which is the Belgian platform for mobile applications that are CE-marked as a medical device.

Before mHealth solutions are implemented, they will have to go through a validation pyramid to fast-track these applications. This evaluation model analyses whether an application is safe, secure and provides benefit to the patient, caregiver or the healthcare system. No more delays of valuable innovations accessing healthcare. Please visit www.mhealthbelgium.be for more info, FAQs and how to apply, etc.

Next speakers were Mathilde Faure, MyData-Trust who presented the importance of #GDPR for the health data in the life science sector and Shampa Bari, Regional Director at Swecare who gave a short introduction about Swecare and our mission.

After a short coffee break it was time for Malin Amnefelt, Coordinator at Vision for ehälsa 2025. She talked about their vision for #eHealth and #Digital #trends and that we need to see that there's a change in perspective. The patient is in the team and we need to look more at the needs of the patient.

Next speaker was Marcus Hjorth from Inera, a private company owned by Swedish county councils, regions and municipalities, as well as the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). The owners have tasked the company with developing joint digital solutions that will help to streamline their operations. They have more than 40 #digital services to offer, among them the Swedish Healthcare Guide online, 1177.se. Sweden's national hub for advice, information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare. The general public is welcome to call 1177 for healthcare advice twenty-four hours a day, year-round, all over Sweden.

The last speaker was Björn Nordlund from AsthmaTuner. AsthmaTuner by MediTuner is a digital solution developed in close collaboration with the Swedish healthcare industry. It was created with the goal of helping patients take control of their asthma, simplifying the process and increasing efficiency for caregivers. Asthma is a chronic disease that affects around ten per cent of the population, there are major savings to be made by reducing handling time and achieving a system that provides more precise information on the patient’s lung function and symptoms. Mr. Nordlund showed us their remarking results in reducing the number of health care visits than with traditional non-digital self-management. 

Amandine Pekel, Trade and Investment Commissioner from the Embassy of Belgium wrapped up and invited all participants and members of Swecare to join them at Medica, visit their booth and their special Belgian Happy Hour. 

We say a big thank you to the Embassy of Belgium for making this an interesting event for our members!

For further information please do not hesitate in contacting the team at Stockholm-Wallonia Export Investment Agency via their email.

Should you wish to see the presentations, email Swecare.

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